Pink panther from head to toe*

Think of all the animals

you've ever heard about
like rhinoc'ruses and tigers, cats and mink
There are lots of funny animals in all this world
But have you ever seen a panther that is pink?
A panther that is positively pink?
Well here he is, the pink panther,The pink panther,
Everybody loves a panther that's pink!
He really is a groovy cat,
and he's a gentleman, a scholar, he's an acrobat !
He's in the pink - the pink panther The rinky-dink panther,
and it's as plain as your nose,
that he's the one and only, truly original,
Panther-pink (panther) from head to toes !
Sweet childhood memories...^^ (Man, it had been ages since I last listened to this song!). Thanks a lot to Danny, the link provider!!!
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